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Gladiator Sandals and Dress (blue colorway) – Madewell / Sunglasses – SALT / Necklace – Alexis Russell

Madewell….quickly becoming one of my favorite go-to shops as of late.  I found this dress and these sandals on sale the other day when I was out shopping and had to have them.  Of course, it was one of those outings where I was not supposed to be shopping for myself, but it’s hard to resist a steal when I see one!  This is another dress that totally works 34 weeks pregnant but that I will definitely wear post baby.  It’s been in the 90’s the last few days with crazy humidity (totally rare for here) and I’ve never seen my feet so swollen.  I remember puffing up at the end of my pregnancy with Ry, but this is starting a little earlier than expected!  Hopefully the drop in heat and humidity will solve some of my puffy pregnancy woes, but we will see!  Simple breezy sundresses like this are saving me right about now!

Photos by Jackie Wonders


  1. Jessica

    Hey there! New follower, here. :) You look fabulous!! That dress is my very favorite color for clothing, and that print is AWESOME!! Thank you for sharing!

    Love and light,

  2. Jen C

    You’re gorgeous, adorable, glowing, just absolutely STUNNING! You look great. Good luck with the swelling….wish I had some cure-all for ya :-)

  3. Kassandra

    What a great dress! Looks great! And I hear ya about the swollen feet! Mine can be so bad! I’ve been wearing compression socks at home in the evening and it helps so much.
    <3 Kastles



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