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Solly Baby Wrap in Navy Shibori Tie Dye / Free People Crochet Tunic / Hudson Jeans / Warby Parker Sunglasses

I’ve got to say, these Solly Baby Wraps are totally worth all the hype.  I’ve tried a handful of different baby carriers in the past, and these have proven to be my favorite, especially in this infant stage.  They are incredibly comfortable, the fabric is super soft, and they come is a variety of great (fashionable!) colors.  Over the last week Cru has had a lot of gas and reflux, which has turned him into quite the fussy baby.  It breaks my heart to see him so uncomfortable sometimes!  I’m working on changing up my diet to see if it will help, but for the time being, this carrier has been my life saver.  I use it when we go out, but even around the house as well.  I wrap him up tight to my chest and it instantly calms him down.  It allows me to have my two hands back, and it lulls him to sleep nearly every time.  I think he likes it as much as I do.

Rylee continues to impress me with her helpfulness and sweet disposition toward her brother.  I guess I am still waiting for that jealous streak to come, but I am crossing my fingers that we might be able to skip it all together.  I’ve heard that the three year age gap is a bit easier than the two….so I am sure having her a little older is making a difference!  Sure do love her.

And yes, it’s still sinking in that I have TWO kids! Oy!  Not sure where work fits into this picture yet, but I suppose I still have a few more weeks ;)


  1. Ariana

    What a sweet family – you all look so content! The Solly seems very similar to my Boba wrap, but it would appear there is less fabric to whip about with the Solly, is that true? That’s my one bone of contention with the Boba, all the dragging of it on the ground when you are getting yourself set up to put baby in. I’ve got that and my beloved Ergo and wondering if this one is worth a try too… We have 4 kids and the youngest is 3 months, so can’t survive without a baby carrier, haha.

    • kelli

      Well it is quite long still Ariana. But the fabric is very lightweight and easy to work with. I’ve learned to do all pretty quickly. It’s the best wrap style carrier I have tried (although I’ve never tried the Boba).

  2. Esther

    That’s what I get for going on my phone while nursing! Ben totally pre-maturely submitted my comment lol! I meant to say at the end that you look so fabulous! The end. Posting before Ben can get to my phone haha!

  3. Esther

    Good Lordy! I don’t even think my other comment posted! Sesh! Anyways, you make motherhood look so effortless and chic! Love it!!

  4. Tasha

    Oh how I miss baby wearing. It was the only way I could get by in the beginning with Hugo, and the only place he would sleep during the day. Cleo was much fussier, she hated our mei tai and loved the ergo, then switched. Now she is in a hip brace which just makes wearing her pretty darn uncomfortable for both of us. Plus she is getting pretty heavy.. Ouch! Your wrap looks so soft, I might have to invest next time around ;-) XO

  5. brecken

    Where did you get this solly wrap? I want an indigo tye dye wrap so badly but can’t find this one anywhere!


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