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We launched the new Spring/Summer 2015 Rylee & Cru collection titled ‘Out West’ a couple weeks ago.  I couldn’t have imagined a better response.  The support of this brand continues to blow my mind and I feel so blessed to be able to do this for a job.  It’s been a ton of work and sometimes I get caught up in the stress of it all….but more than that, it’s teaching me to dream big and to believe in my talent.  These photos are from our lookbook shoot in Palm Springs with Jackie Wonders last month.  She is pure magic and always captures exactly what I envision.

You can shop the new collection now on our website:

I also had the chance to collaborate with my favorite local shoe brand, Zuzii, on a capsule collection for Rylee & Cru.  There are 6 styles that I designed, 3 sandals and 3 oxfords, all of which coordinate with our collection.  You can shop the Zuzii X Rylee + Cru collection exclusively at !

We are re-stocking some of the sold out styles (I can’t believe we already have sold out styles!) in several weeks, so stay tuned for that!  And thanks always for the support!  I am busy designing SS16 which we will reveal at our first tradeshow as a brand this Fall!  Y’all are making my dream come true ;)


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I’m the first to admit, I’m not much of a cook.  Quick and easy meals are a must for our family and our busy schedules.  I always try to be somewhat conscious of the food I am putting into my body, and especially the food I am putting into my kids bodies.  But generally, “quick” and “healthy” don’t come hand in hand.  My aunt is the General Manager for a company called Revolution Foods, who pride themselves on healthy, fresh, REAL foods for schools and families.  She’s a master in the kitchen, and I’ve always looked to her for good recipes and food suggestions.  Knowing my hectic schedule, she recently introduced me to the ready-to-eat jet packs that her company offers (which I can conveniently buy down the street at my local Von’s grocery store!).  I had never bought any of the other “kit” lunch options for Rylee before because I knew that they were mostly filled with preservatives and artificial ingredients.  But Revolution Foods has changed all of that.  They believe that everyone deserves foods that are whole, foods made with carefully considered ingredients and foods that promote growth and development.  Yes, please!  We’ve tried every combination and Rylee loves the cheese pizza because she can build it herself (my creative little one).  I love it because it’s an easy choice and made with all natural ingredients.  These jet packs are the first high-quality, convenient meal of its kind.  And as a busy momma just trying to make good decisions, this is definitely something I can get behind.

You can learn more about the company HERE and why clean-label food in schools in important HERE

Find a store that sells Revolution Foods kits HERE

Also, they are running a contest where the prize will be a month’s worth of free lunches, snacks + $100 gift card, just in time for Mother’s Day!  You know I’ll be entering! :)