DIY Photo Wall Hanging

For a long time I have been wanting to add more family photos to our home.  It seems like I never get around to printing out photos anymore.  Everything is digital these days, which makes me kind of sad.  There is definitely something special about holding physical prints of all of those captured memories.  I loved this DIY because it brought me back to some of my favorite moments with my kids, and it’s something I can look at everyday and smile at those sweet faces.

Supply List:

Scissors / String / 4″X4″Square Photos (from Walgreens) / Hole Puncher (with various sizes)  /  Tree Branch

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1.  Cut 5 strands of string all at the same length (roughly 5 ft). Make sure you cut them generously so you won’t run out of length at the end.

2.  Begin to hole punch each photo at the center top and center bottom of each square photo.  I used the smallest gauge punch on the Martha Steward Screw Punch.  I decided to hang 35 photos, 7 per string and 5 across.  But feel free to make this whatever width and length you want!

3.  Start with your first string and thread it through to top hole of your first photo.  Tie it in a knot…..leaving at least 8 inches excess string at the top.  You will need that later to tie the string around your branch. The long part of your string you then thread through the bottom of the photo from back to font.  No need to knot the bottom.  Grab your next photo and thread the string from the front to the back and knot it.  Basically, you just want your string to be visible on the back side of all of your photos and not the front.  You just repeat this process until you get to the very end.  At the bottom hole of your last photo, tie a knot.  You can leave the excess string hanging or clip it.

4.  Repeat this same process with all of your strings and photos.  (it’s a bit time consuming!).  Once you’re done, tie them all to your branch, evenly spaced out.

5.  Hang it from your wall with two nail supporting the branch!



  1. Jenny Wear

    Did you have any issues with the photos curling up after time? I’m wondering if I need to print them on a thicker paper.


  2. Beverly

    Lord this idea.. my son is headed off to college for the first time and living in his own apartment and this is a great way for me to send him pictures of the family so that he can remember us!

  3. Laura

    My daughter is off to college and printed a bunch of pics to put up in her room. We love how it looks and will be doing it this weekend! Do you have to use a small ball of putty behind each photo to keep them from tangling and twisting?

  4. Frank

    These are very creative and earthy ideas. Be kind of cool if the tree you got the branch from was visible from a window near where you set that up. Or even if it was close to the window give it the illusion that it is still part of the tree coming in the house. If your readers might be interested in a low-cost, professionally made system of stylish aluminum rails & cables they can check out You’d be surprised how inexpensive they are now.

  5. Claire

    Hey :) I love this idea but i’m just wondering how can I hang it on a wall ? Do you use a drill with screw or something else ? Which twine or rope can I use to hold this suspension ?
    Thank you a lot !

  6. crochet

    My family members always say that I am killing my time here at web, but I know I am getting knowledge
    daily by reading suh nice articles.

  7. Sandi

    This is awesome. I am a wildlife photographer, mostly of birds. This would a great way to feature my current work without changing out frames all the time.

    One question, why did you use only the square photos? I would like to use 5×7 photos both horizontal and vertical. I am thinking there could be abalance issue. Would appreciate your input.
    Thanks, Sandi



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