Archives: August 2019

Q turns TWO!

We celebrated Quincy’s 2nd birthday yesterday with a sweet little Daisy themed party with our family.  She is truly our sunshine girl and a daisy theme just seemed fitting for our happy spunky little girl.  I love watching her grow but I also get a little sad how quickly time is flying by…realizing our last baby is not so ‘baby’ anymore.  Gosh, it’s just all so bittersweet! Q is so full of life and has one of the funniest personalities we’ve ever seen.  We call her our boss baby because she is so independent and strong willed that she kind of runs the show around here.  She is feisty and goofy and fearless and while that sometimes brings it’s challenges, I just love her confident little spirit so much.

I had so much fun crafting and baking for this party. I always get asked about recipes and tutorials and all that on social media so I thought I would just link everything here in one place.

Cake – this one was a labor of love!  I followed THIS RECIPE for the vanilla cake and buttercream. (which was SO yummy I will definitely be using it again).  And THIS RECIPE for the sugar daisies that i used to decorate it.

Cookies – these also turned our really yummy and I used THIS RECIPE

Paper goods & balloons – from my go-to shop Witty Bash based here in San Diego!

Flowers – by my friend Esther of Wallflower Inspiration

Daisy Party Hats – I followed THIS DIY with a few alterations. I made them child size and painted the centers in gold and dusted with glitter instead of using poms.

Dress – from Zara / Daisy Hair Clips – I just made these using fake flowers from the craft store.