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33 weeks

Sneak peak of my photoshoot with The Fox and the Sparrow yesterday 

I’ve gotten asked by a handful of people to share more about how this pregnancy is going.  The differences between my first and second…what’s been harder….what’s been easier.  I know I have been a little more quiet than usual the last few months.  I feel like I am a in a season of re-prioritizing.  A season of chasing after big dreams, of releasing fear,  focusing on what’s important and letting go of my own self defined pace of life.  Moving into week number thirty three here in this pregnancy, I am trying to prepare for some pretty huge life changes.  All I have known for the last three years is being a mother to my daughter.  One mouth to feed, one hand to hold, one heart to protect.  It’s been the biggest blessing and joy of my life raising her and watching her grow.  I feel like I’ve found my groove with work and being a momma to one little soul, and frankly, it’s a little overwhelming to think of how it will work with 2.  I’m not sure how to prepare, and I’m not even sure it’s something I can do.  I think once this baby boy enters our world, we will take it all in stride.  I will figure out what I can handle, and maybe, some of my desires will change.

Sam and I are no strangers to change.  Last November he quit his job to pursue his dream of opening his own retail store, Loneflag.  It’s been amazing to see it grow and for him to pour his heart and soul into this business.  He works more and sleeps less…..but he is passionate about what he does, and is really just happy.  We are happy.  Throughout this pregnancy I’ve continued to work on various design jobs and do my best to provide for my family while Loneflag is still gaining traction as a business.  It’s definitely a challenge having both parties in a relationship work independently.  Insurance and taxes and don’t let me get started on how much it is costing us to have a baby! But we both have entrepreneurial hearts.  We want to love what we do.  And while that sometimes means more work and less pay…..we wouldn’t have it any other way.  A few months ago I decided to pursue a business dream of my own that has been brewing in my heart for several years.  It’s something I’ve kept very quit and only vaguely mentioned here and there…but it is part of the reason for my absense here.   It was probably  the worst timing ever with Sam just having launched his own business, but I felt a strong pull to just go for it….that now was the time.  I think sometimes your heart trumphs your head and reward is there for those that are willing to take the risk.  So with that mentality, I started pursuing this crazy dream and I am so very close to being able to share it with you!  I’ve been working hard to launch it before our boy arrives, and it is creeping up pretty close to the same timeline!  Who launches a new business at the same time they are delivering a baby?  I guess this silly girl does.  I honestly can’t wait to share.  And I apologize for being so vague.  I know how annoying that is :)

But that was a long tangent slightly off track to this pregnancy.  Cru has definitely been harder on me than Rylee was.  I feel like I’ve had every negative pregnancy symptom in the book, which is certainly an exaggeration….but it often doesn’t feel like it in the midst of it.  Nausea that has never fully gone away, vomiting, heartburn, heart palpitations, constipation, anemia, leg cramps, nerve pain….and a few others that I will fail to mention.  I don’t know if it’s because he’s a boy, because I am working too hard, or because I am already chasing after a 2 1/2 year old that I leave no down time for myself.  Maybe it’s a combination of them all, or maybe it is simply the nature of this pregnancy.  I have mentioned it before, but during my pregnancy with Rylee, my allergies to gluten and dairy went away.  And I was one of the lucky ones that had them never return.  For the most part, my pregnancy with her was pretty easy.  Unfortunately though,  I had a lot of anxiety because she was always measuring so small.  But Cru has been a champ, and although I’ve been sicker, he has been healthier.  This pregnancy has honestly just flown by.   I feel like I blinked and here I am at 33 weeks.  I remember with Rylee I had her entire nursery ready and everything prepared nearly months before her arrival.  Poor Cru has a tiny pile in the corner of one of our drawers and still no place to sleep.  I promise, we will figure that out before he comes.  seven. more. weeks.  I better get moving.

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Amber Dress c/o Flynn Skye  /  Free People Straw Hat  /  Fringe Bag c/o Linea Pelle  /  Sandals – F21

It’s no secret I’ve got a big crush on Flynn Skye.  I got to meet the designer Amber at a party a couple weeks ago and she was just as wonderful in person as I expected.  Her dresses are so comfortable and relaxed and the prints are always on point.  They are pieces that can easily be dressed up or down and can be worn from day to night.   I’ve got a few of her dresses, like this one, that just might last me through this entire pregnancy!  I have yet to buy a shred of maternity this summer, and hopefully I can keep it that way!

I was able to have what the doctor’s call a “growth ultrasound” last week.  It’s basically an ultrasound making sure that the baby’s growth is on track.  Last pregnancy, they had some concerns over Rylee’s growth and my small belly size….so anytime there is a history of that, I guess they do this extra 30 week ultrasound.  I certainly didn’t mind the chance to see my little guy moving around on the screen again!  He was so much bigger than my last ultrasound at 20 weeks.  So big, it was actually hard to see him.  I did get a few photos of his sweet face though, making me that much more excited to meet him and hold him in my arms!  Results came back totally normal and he was already measuring in the fifty second percentile.  Just above average! I don’t necessarily know what average is…but I was pretty excited that everything looked healthy and that he was growing so good.  It’s pretty insane to think that in just 8 short weeks we will become a family of four!



Countdown is on!  10 days(ish) until I get to meet my baby girl!  My hospital bag is packed and the car seat is installed!  It’s so surreal to think that I could really go into labor any day now.  As much as i’d love for Rylee to come early…I am not banking on it because I think I would go crazy that way!  I suppose it’s better to plan on her coming late, and if she does decide to come early, it will be a welcomed surprise.  I thought for so long she’d be an early baby, but the closer I get….the more I think she might be right on time.  10 DAYS!!! Can you believe it!??  Time just flew.  I can’t wait to show you pictures of her room.  I am still working on finishing it up, but I really do love it already.  I will be spending LOTS of time in there, so I wanted to make it something special, and soothing, and comfortable, for the both of us.  Although I was pretty bummed when I found out yesterday that my crib bedding will still be another 3 weeks before it is shipped (it’s already been over a month!)  I guess the store I bought it from had some problems with the supplier and blah blah blah.  I know she won’t be using it for a while anyway (she will be by my side in her bassinet for a couple months I’m sure)….but when I want to finish something….I want to FINISH it! And there is no way a nursery is complete without crib bedding! Anyway, rant complete.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and encouraging words over the last few months!  It’s been a huge blessing to me.  Life is certainly taking a new turn for Sam and I.  And I don’t think parenthood is something you can ever be fully prepared for.  It’s something I’m sure we will struggle with, get better at, and learn along the way….and hopefully be the best we can possibly be for this baby we created.  We are excited for this new chapter and for the growth of our little family.  We have always dreamed of having babies and raising them together and loving on them and building our own traditions as a family.  This just feels like step one in that process, and I can’t wait for what lies ahead.  I get tears in my eyes when I think about Sam holding Rylee for the first time and what an incredible daddy he will be.  Gahh, I need a tissue!  Our lives will change completely in just a matter of days.

And speaking of lives changing….I don’t think this guy knows what’s coming! haha. Don’t you just love his grumpy face!?


So, it’s August 1st.  Which means it’s my baby month! I thought this month would never come.  It feels like I have been anticipating August for forever now….and well, we’ve made it!  Little Rylee has been growing faster than ever.  They say that in these last 4 weeks is really when she packs on the pounds…about an ounce a day.  And man can I feel it.  She is already in a head down position (yay!) , which means her kickboxing lessons shoot straight for my ribs (ow!).  Sitting at work I am constantly pushing down her little feet that get caught just under my right rib cage.  I keep telling myself “only a couple more weeks”!  Backaches have finally set in and sleep is no longer so easy for me.  I guess I can be thankful that my difficulty sleeping is just coming around now.  Maybe it’s my body’s way of getting me prepared for all those sleepless nights to come!

Friday is my last day at Jedidiah, and it’s honestly such an odd feeling.  I have been working full time for so many years now and have never really learned how to slow down. It’s always “go go go”…and “how many projects can I possibly take on without burning out?”  Now, thinking about stopping (in fact, KNOWING I am stopping)…is such a foreign idea.  It’s not like I am stopping forever, but work as I now know it will never be the same.  Part of it scares me because I have gotten so comfortable with my routine and my workaholic ways that I am not sure what I am going to do with myself when it all abruptly stops.  But the other side of me knows that REST is what I need right now, and that this baby is going to bring such a huge, incredible life change that I think I have been wanting for a long time.  The idea of being a mommy and loving and nurturing this tiny little human life that I (or I should say “we”) created is such an amazing feeling.  I am ready for it….or at least as ready as I will ever be.

…a few pics Sam took the other day. 25 more days and counting!

And if you want to end your night with a good laugh….THIS PHOTO was me just a few hours ago at my friends house watching the season finale of the Bachelorette.  My tummy now officially qualifies as a table :)  Especially convenient for late night ice cream cravings.



So….I’m on my last leg of the race.  34 weeks along now.  6 weeks left to go.  Or perhaps less if Rylee decides she wants to meet us sooner. Oops, I just said it.  RYLEE.  That’s her name :)  It’s the first one Sam thought of when we found out we were having a baby, and we liked it for a boy or a girl.  But once we found out it was a girl….it stuck even more.  We tossed around a dozen more ideas over the last few months but we kept going back to Rylee, the name we both first loved. So we’ve  decided to make it official and tell people.  It’s so nice to finally call her something.  I feel like everyday our bond grows closer.  She is moving more than ever these days.  I can feel her elbows on my side and her tiny feet jab up into my ribs.  I’ve got to give her a good push sometimes to have her move.  It’s kind of turned into a game between us.   Not quite as fun on my end I guess…but somehow it always make me smile.  Knowing she is growing and fattening up and getting ready to be snuggled in my arms.  The thought of holding her and looking into her eyes is becoming more of a reality with each passing day.  And I have never been more excited and anxious for that day to come.  As much as I want that time to be now, I want her to hang tight inside of me at least for a few more weeks so that she is healthy and strong when she is born.  The doctor did tell me this morning that if I were to go into labor today, that she would most likely be just fine.  And knowing that is comforting in itself.

I have another ultrasound on Thursday to check on her growth and make sure she is still on track.  By “tape measure standards”, I am still measuring small.  But two months ago they also said I was measuring small and Rylee was in fact bigger than expected.  So I am hoping she is fat as ever!  And as far as how I am feeling, I can’t complain too much.  My feet are swollen and I’ve got a lot of pressure on my pelvis, which gives me a nice waddle….but other than that, there has been nothing really too concerning.  I count my blessings every day and feel blessed to have had such a smooth pregnancy up until this point.  Of course I’ve had my days, but every symptom, ache, and pain, has been very normal, and nothing my body has not been able to handle.  I am just crossing my fingers that the next few weeks my body stays strong and continues to prove me wrong in it’s abilities.  I have always been a bit of a pessimist when it comes to my own health, mainly because of all of the issues I have had to deal with in the past.  Thank God I have my husband to continue to bring me back to reality and remind me that everything will be OK! I am still working as hard as ever right now but I plan on stopping work in about 4 weeks (2 weeks prior to my due date).  I think i’ll need a little rest (for my mind and body) in prep for this babe.  I also need a minute to finish the nursery that has been severely neglected as of late!  I promise I’ll share some photos of it when it’s complete….but for now, all we have is the foundation: new floors, cloud grey walls, crib,  changer and *my dream* rocker. Drapes and bedding are on their way and now I need to add some touches of color and art!  Ayiyi, I don’t know if I will ever have time to get it all finished!

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